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17th May 2016
Year 6 SATs

We would like to congratulate all our Year 6 children on the

way they tackled their SAT tests this week. They deserve top
marks for their determination, perseverance, maturity,
camaraderie and good humour in the face of a very
challenging set of test papers.

It is very important that we all remember that education is
about so much more than being able to identify a ‘fronted
adverbial’ in a piece of text or being able to complete thirty six
written calculations in 30 minutes.

So, Year 6 - Love your learning; be curious; be creative;
communicate with passion; enjoy the buzz of working well
with others; try things out without fear of failure; look to your
future with excitement and ambition.

We are very proud of you.

5th January 2016

New Rise & Shine Club

This will start at 7.50 -8.50am daily.  Letters have been sent to all children.  If further details are required please call at the school office.

30th November 2015

Thanks to Big Lottery Fundraising and a contribution from FOPPS, we are looking forward to our new All Weather Surface and a Tyre Park play area being installed in our playground next week!

Fri 24th Oct 2014

We receive a 'Good' rating from Ofsted. Read the full report here

Wed 3rd Sept 2014

The scaffolding was removed on Wednesday 3 rd September as the installation of four banks of solar panels on the school’s roof was completed!

This project, approved by the governing body this year, has a number of aims:

  • It matches our commitment to becoming more environmentally friendly in keeping with our Eco-school status.

  • It is an inspiring stimulus for education, providing children with a real context in which to investigate environmental issues, science, maths and more.

  • It will reduce our energy costs by supplying a large amount of the energy we use.

  • It will provide additional funds for the school as we benefit financially from any surplus electricity we produce.

The children are already very excited by the idea that we are a ‘power station’, producing electricity on our school premises. We have further educational plans to put into place and will be arranging an evening on which parents and other interested parties can hear more about our project.

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