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Our Objectives

Our School

Our objectives are that:

1.  Children will develop a keen attitude to learning, and above all enjoy it.
2.  Children will learn to speak clearly and express ideas and opinions confidently.
3.  Children will learn to write legibly, communicate in writing and express themselves clearly in order they can be understood.
4.  Children will learn to read with comprehension and appreciation, and to listen and understand.
5.  Children will acquire study skills and computational skills, and learn to question, investigate, observe, analyse and interpret what they see.
6.  Children will be sensitive to their own feelings and to those of others. They will be confident and self-disciplined.
7.  Children will be aware of other countries, cultures and other times as well as our own, celebrating and respecting differences and similarities.
8.  Children will acquire skills with tools, instruments and apparatus, within a safe environment.
9.  Children will develop physical co-ordination, confidence and expression.
10. Parents will be involved in their children’s education.
11. We will manage resources and finances responsibly, with clear priorities to direct funding towards the needs of the children. We particularly consider that it is our objective to keep class sizes low and maintain a high teacher-to-pupil ratio.
12. We will develop technical and professional skills and qualifications amongst the teaching and non-teaching staff to ensure the highest quality educational base.
13. We will play our part in our community, recognising the importance of the village school and encouraging the village to value their school.
14. We will set challenging achievement targets for pupils, teachers, staff and governors, to strive constantly to achieve the very best educational environment and to meet and surpass the requirements of the Early Learning Goals and the National Curriculum.
15. We will make the school’s four stated values, ‘Kind, courteous, considerate and caring’, a reality in a happy and friendly environment.

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