School Council

Our School Council is elected at the start of each school year.

School Council will include:

Vice Chairman
Class representatives

The officers of the council are children in Year 6. Those children who would like to be considered for these posts make speeches to a whole school gathering and every child in the school is then able to cast a vote.

Class representatives are elected by their classmates.

The council meets at least once every half term ? but there are extra meetings when the council is particularly busy organising an event or putting a plan together.

The job of the school council is:

To discuss the issues and ideas of children in the school
To make sure the Headteacher and the staff know about how children feel and what children would like to happen
To help make our school the best it can be

School council meetings are attended by a senior member of staff.

A Link Governor is appointed by the school governing body. The link governor is invited along to some meetings.

This years elected School Council members are:

Chair – Poppy T
Vice Chair – Seth
Secretary – Rosie
Class Representatives
Ladybirds – Elsie & Ella
Bumblebees – Charlotte & Iris
Grasshoppers – Violet & Elijah
Caterpillars – Taylor & Gracie
Dragonflies – Max & Jamie

New for this school year we also have an Eco Council.? The role of the Eco Council is to help improve the school environment and reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible.

This years elected Eco Council members are:

Chair – Molly O
Vice Chair – Daisy
Secretary – Maisie
Class Representatives
Ladybirds – Eliza & Stanley
Bumblebees – Jonah & Alice
Grasshoppers – George K & Olivia
Caterpillars – Holly & Noah
Dragonflies – Luke & Alfie